British Universities Kayaking Expedition Selection

High up Snowdon on the Cwm Llan

Just got back from one of the best weekends in my boating history. It was the weekend of the next British Universities Kayaking Expedition. It was three days of some quality boating as, again we had water in North Wales!!

We got to know each other on the Aberglasyn Gorge and the Llygwy on the Friday followed by a long evening of talking about destinations.

Down river race on the Aberglaslyn gorge

The following day we paddled my favourite Welsh river, the Upper Mawddach and then did a storming run of the Gamlan. We then back to the hut for the selection of the team. I was lucky enough to get selected!

We finished the night off by having an amazing night out in Bangor, crashing someones houseparty and only passing out at about 6 in the morning.

On the Sunday rather hung over we walked half way up Snowdon to paddle the Cwm Llan, which is worth the walk!

A fantastic weekend all round.

Cwm Llan

The final team are, myself, Tom Hunter, Sean Zeihm-Stephen, Lowri Davis, Dave Burne, Ben Bedingham, Simon Tapley, Graham Milton and Paul Sherman.

The selected team


1 Response to “British Universities Kayaking Expedition Selection”

  1. 1 Harry Wood November 29, 2006 at 10:19 am

    Ah selected hey? congratulations

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