Dry Times In Wales

Snowdon from the IC Mountain Hut

It was the first ICCC Wales trip of the term and our luck with water ran out. Wales was dry but it was still good to get out of London. On arrival Rory managed to fall of the roof of the bus and lodge his arse in the windscreen. Not his proudest moment. We made the most of the night as there was nothing to wake up early for.The bus after Rory had finished with it

We got pretty late on the Saturday to paddle the Vyrnwy which turned out to be not releasing. We finally got on the Tryweryn at about 2p.m. A record at ICCC I think. More merryment was had that night with the plan of paddling the Dee the next day.

Me enjoying the winter sun on Serpent’s Tale, River Dee

Rory and Mark went to fix the bus while the rest of us went to the Dee. However only a fraction of the club could be bothered to get on. Luckily for those of us who did, it turned out to be a really pleasant paddle in the sunshine. Better than spending another weekend in LDN, and a lot cheaper.

Town Falls, River Dee

We are off to Lake’s next weekend. Lets hope we have a bit more water than this trip.


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