Calais Rally

Every year the Little Ships Club sails hunderds of yachts over to Calais in remeberance of all the Little Ships that sailed across the channel to bring back our troops from Dunkerque in 1940. My ship, HMS Puncher, is a member of the Little Ships Club and as so we went to represent the Royal Navy for the Calais Rally.

Passing HMS Mersey off the coast of Brighton

We sailed from Portsmouth to Dover before refuelling to make the hop across to Calais. The weekend was superb with many G&T’s being consumed on many different peoples yachts. A night out in Calais (God’s blind spot) resulted in much merryment and dancing on tables….

A few of the hundreds of yachts arriving in Calais Marina

The sail back to Portsmouth was not the most pleasant as we trying to outrun a storm. 10 hours later and much technicolour yawning brought us safely back to pompey after a fanatastic weekend. As I am away all summer on expedition I will miss the usual summer deployments and so it was a good to get some time on board the might P291.


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