Edelweiss, Thunderstorms and MSR’s

As myself and my girlfriend, Eleri, are both off on trips over the whole summer, we managed to find 10 days we could actually go on holiday together. We decided, as we both needed some fitness training, to go trekking in the Stubai alps in Austria. We packed out bags and left and were soon in the heart of Tirol.
Eleri had never been trekking in the alps before and the weather treated her to the whole alpine experience in one week. On the first day we were cooked by the sun, then on reaching a ridge the heavens opened and we had to endure one of the worst thunder and lightening storms I have ever witnessed. As soon as it started we threw up the tent while the largest hail stones I have ever seen were hitting us on the head. He hid inside the tent for 13 hours before the constant lightening came to an end. What a start to the trip!
The next day we got out of our tents to find that my MSR stove was not working. So feeling a bit dismayed we headed down the next valley, and on failing to fix the stove, had to buy lots of cheese and cooked meat to keep us going for the next week.
After that things got better and we had a great week walking in some awsome mountains. We are both feeling a lot fitter now and are getting ready for our respective summers away.


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