East meets West

Myself on Hoar Oak Water (all photos: Ralph Evins)


December is here and that not only means Christmas but the annual Adventure Paddlers Weekend down in Devon. Hosted by Gene17, the weekend includes a lot of messing about on ditches on Dartmoor and talks in the evening at the River Dart Country Park about various adventures over the last year.

As there was a shed load of water predicted for the weekend a group of us from London headed down on the Thursday night to get three full days of paddling. We started the weekend off with a high water run of the East Lyn and a fantastic blast down some drops on Hoar oak water.

Adam Holland on the East Lyn

The next day we headed over to Dartmoor to find every river in full flood. After looking at a stupidly high Erme we decided to head to the West Dart, which is rarely in condition. This was a fantastic continuous run from high up on the moors to Dartmeet.

Tom Haywood on the West Dart 

That evening myself and Graham gave the headlining talk on the Four Borders Expedition. Despite a rather noisy crowd it seemed to go down well.

The Sunday was a bit more lazy after a rather heavy night so we only managed a blast down the East Dart, which was entertaining to say the least as it is full of overhanging trees at head height and no eddies!

Hoar Oak Water 

A fantastic weekend all round, one of the best I have ever had on Dartmoor. More pictures can be seen here.




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