Kali Gandaki Valley


We  are back in Pokhara now and we have just spent the last 8 days on the trek down from Jomsom through the Kali Gandaki Valley.  The Kali Gandaki is a river definately on my hit list, but as it is monsoon the river is a horrible, brown, henious mess.  It will have to wait till maybe Easter.




The flight to Jomsom was one of the most interesting flights I have ever taken.  It gets about 10 m from the mountain side at one point, and has to do a rediculous banking manouvre to make the tight landing.



The trek took us through some amazing scenery, with a good view of the Annapurna range.  Up near Jomsom it looks a lot like Ladakh, a barren mountain dessert.  As you decend the valley it changed to Alpine pine forest and lastly Nepali jungle.


It was an excellent way of getting back into shape but now it is time to get back into boat. 






1 Response to “Kali Gandaki Valley”

  1. 1 Mark July 12, 2008 at 10:07 am

    It all goes on the left.

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